Using running to escape from the stresses of daily life may lead to people relying on exercise rather than mental health

Credit: Unsplash / CC0 Public Domain Recreational running offers plenty of physical and mental health benefits—but some people can develop exercise dependence, a form of addiction to physical activity that can cause health problems. Shockingly, signs of exercise dependence are common even in recreational runners. Study published in Frontiers in Psychology Investigating whether the concept … Read more

Evers declares 2023 the “Year of Mental Health” in the state

MADISON — Gov. Tony Evers announced Tuesday in his annual State of the State address that he will seek hundreds of millions of dollars for mental health services for Wisconsinians, especially for children who have spent the past three years dealing with the coronavirus pandemic — declaring 2023 the “Year of Mental Health.” “. In … Read more

Mental Health Resources for Forestview Families Offered, Community – Brainerd Dispatch

Baxter – Mental health and communications professionals will be at Forestview Middle School on Wednesday, January 25th to meet with students, parents, and community members. Principal John Anderson announced the two events in letters to families Monday night. The communications come after the announcement of the death of an eighth-grade student on January 16 and … Read more

Extended personal facts? The first pilot study of the EXPERIENCE project has been launched with the goal of advancing the diagnosis of mental health disorders via virtual reality

In a blog about advancing the diagnosis of mental health disorders, research assistant Sara Sutori discusses the trial, a study of a virtual reality environment designed to assess symptoms of depression, registered with the ISRCTN registry. Sarah Sutori January 24, 2023 Young man wearing virtual reality glasses Halfpoint/ Experience project The EXPERIENCE project aims to … Read more

There is a mental health crisis at work because life changes so quickly

Credit – Getty Images In October 2022, Surgeon General of the United States Vivek Murthy issued guidance to promote the mental health of employees at work. Murthy’s team developed the framework in response to alarming declines in employee well-being. For example, 76% of workers in 2021 reported symptoms of anxiety or depression, an increase of … Read more

Opening of a youth mental health center in Grove City, Ohio

GROVE CITY, Ohio (WCMH) — Two of Columbus’s largest youth caregivers are teaming up to open a state-of-the-art facility to house children recovering from mental illness. On Jan. 10, The Buckeye Ranch and Nationwide Children’s Hospital announced plans to begin operating this spring on a 48-bed mental health treatment center in Grove City to strengthen … Read more

Mother Cabrini Scholarships go to Buffalo-area mental health and workforce groups and dental care initiatives

It’s that time of year again: New York City-based Mother Cabrini Health—the largest organization focused exclusively on health care in New York—announces year-end grants to nonprofits across New York. In Western New York, 41 Buffalo-area programs are sharing nearly $14.3 million to meet a range of urgent community and health-related needs. This is up 35% … Read more

The Racine woman who allegedly allowed her disabled son to die will stay in a mental health institute a little longer

Racine — the woman facing criminal charges over allegations that she allowed her disabled adult son to die on the floor after a fall — will remain at the Mendota Institute of Mental Health for the time being. Cheryl Christensen, 63, has been charged with negligent endangerment for abuse/causing death after her son was found … Read more

10 great teen shows dealing with mental health

Content warning: The following article contains discussions of drug use, rape, and self-harm.It’s hard being a teenager, especially when they have to juggle life’s hardships and come to terms with who they are. Thus, teens frequently suffer from a variety of mild to severe mental health issues as a result. However, some parents or other … Read more

Researchers are studying how ADHD traits affect mental health

Post on PinterestA new study suggests that adults with ADHD may need more mental health support. Photo credit: Counter/Getty Images. In a collaborative study, researchers analyzed adult questionnaire responses to examine the relationship between ADHD traits, autistic traits, and mental health issues. The researchers wanted to find out to what extent the traits of ADHD … Read more