Pirenperone shows promise in mice as a fragile X treatment The improvements associated with a significant increase in the activity of the FMR1 gene

A study reported that treatment with a small molecule called pireperone rescued cognitive and behavioral impairments in a mouse model of fragile X syndrome, making it a potential candidate for treatment for the rare genetic disorder. It is likely that the beneficial effects of Pireperone are related to a significant increase in activity FMR1 The … Read more

Aging can be reversed in mice. Do people then?

CNN – In Boston labs, old, blind mice have regained their sight, developed smarter, younger-looking brains, and built healthier muscle tissue and kidneys. On the flip side, young mice age prematurely, with devastating results for nearly every tissue in their bodies. Experiments show that aging is a said anti-aging expert David Sinclair, professor of genetics … Read more