Podcast with Michael Biercuk, CEO and Founder of Q-CTRL

Michael Biercuk, CEO and founder of Q-CTRL, a company that makes infrastructure software towards making quantum technology useful, is interviewed by Yuval Boger. Michael and Yuval talk about quantum control, a discipline that helps stabilize unstable systems, its application to quantum computers and quantum sensors, Q-CTRL’s educational software, and much more. Transcript Yuval Boger: Hello … Read more

Michael J. Fox talks about alcoholism, broken bones, and “Crispin” Glover in a new document

Still: A Michael J. Fox Film, The latest documentary from Academy Award winner Davis Guggenheim, it tells the whirlwind story of how a young boy moved from Canada to Hollywood in his senior year, became the “Prince of Hollywood,” and ultimately turned his greatest challenge into a beacon of hope for millions. He suffers from … Read more

Lisa Marie Presley’s ex Michael Lockwood accused her of using Scientology’s ‘fair game’ practice

Lisa Marie Presley’s ex-husband accused her of using Scientology against him in a bitter court two weeks before her death. Michael Lockwood, 61, said Presley, with whom he shares twin daughters, was using “fair game” tactics to thwart his attempts to make her pay $40,000 a month in child support. He said the Fair Game … Read more

Skylar Simpson is the number one boxing influencer in the world, this isn’t Michael Vick and is this a real Cowboys Super Bowl chest tattoo? – OutKick

Interesting to hear the reactions from the woke NHL media in response to a guy saying, “No, I don’t wear your rainbow jersey.” It was only a matter of time before the NHL blue markers lost their minds over something about equality, inclusion, and blah blah. Imagine living in a world where people are outraged … Read more

Michael Nestor joins Guidehouse’s health sector as a leader in propulsion practices

The healthcare visionary has proven experience in enterprise strategy, innovation and growth WashingtonAnd January 18, 2023 /PRNewswire/ – A vision of the healthcare industry Michael Nestor Join Guidehouse, the leading global provider of consulting and managed services to public and commercial clients. Nestor has been selected as a partner in the company’s health sector, where … Read more

Florida Dr. Michael Ligotti was indicted in the Delray case for health care fraud

A Florida doctor who earned $127 million by billing insurance companies for fraudulent tests and treating addiction patients was sentenced to 20 years in prison on Monday, federal prosecutors announced. The work of Michael J. Ligotti, 48, as medical director of more than 50 addiction treatment facilities, or “sober homes,” in Palm Beach County, Florida. … Read more

Dr. Michael Moseley’s Quick Way to Lose Weight: Delicious TURBO Weight Loss Snacks

Dr. Michael Moseley’s Quick Way to Lose Weight: Delicious TURBO Weight Loss Snacks Click here to access our exclusive diet chart on The Mail+ Dr. Michael Moseley and Dr. Claire Bailey have discovered a new way to diet By combining a low-carb Mediterranean keto diet with intermittent fasting In this three-phase plan, you can snack … Read more