Where did Kailyn Moore go in college? Revisiting Boise State’s record-breaking game career at the Cowboys OC

Dak Prescott and Brock Purdy — the quarterbacks for Sunday’s playoffs on the NFC teams between the Cowboys and the 49ers — combined for 52 college victories. That’s just two wins more than Dallas offensive coordinator Kellen Moore has achieved at the FBS level as a starter. Moore, 34, remains on the fast track to … Read more

Jan Moore: Prince Harry knows how much this will hurt and infuriate his older brother

Going spare? I also. However, while there has been a lot about Prince Harry this week — everything from his frozen penis to the loss of his virginity outdoors, though these two incidents are sadly unrelated — let’s think about Prince William. Where does all this leave him? Imagine his position. For most of your … Read more