Will Cuylle’s NHL debut gives the Rangers a much-needed physical boost

Will Cuylle will make his NHL debut with the Rangers on Wednesday night against the Maple Leafs in front of friends and family in his hometown of Toronto. Cuylle’s story unfolded better than it could ever have been written. He’s poised to launch his NHL career two years, three months and 20 days after the … Read more

The Los Angeles Kings Pacific Division shows how overtime, shooting hurts the National Hockey League

The Los Angeles Kings are not goodpicture: AP The idea that the NHL regular season is just 82 preseason games is perhaps the last vestige of a time when 16 of the 21 teams made the playoffs. These days, when exactly half the teams are eliminated, some really respectable teams don’t make it. Teams like … Read more

Weather Girl Yannette Garcia Returns to TV, NHL Guy Yanks Out His Teeth and College Basketball Guy – OutKick

A quick analysis of NFL snack bars shows they seem to be popular in Germany…that just can’t stand! Someone in Germany needs to tell me what’s going on with the country’s fascination with NFL-inspired snack bars. On Monday I mentioned how I bought Infladium, a $20 snack ballpark that I bought at Party City. Then, … Read more

The Rangers finally screw it up to beat the Panthers

Head coach Gerard Gallant had called on the Rangers to toughen things up defensively, but defense was inadvertently the primary focus Monday night against the Panthers. It should have been, considering the way Florida has been on their heels every period, but the Blueshirts still managed to pull off a 6-2 win despite being hammered … Read more

Rangers’ Jake Leschyshyn is hoping to make a different impact in the NHL than his father

Jake Lechien was born when his father, Curtis, was in the eleventh season of his 16-year career in the National Hockey League. Since he was very young, Leschyshyn hasn’t had many vivid memories of what life was like with an NHL player for dad. He does remember his days off around the rink, however, when … Read more

All-Star snub thought Rasmus Dahlin is “I think fans want to see forwards”

DALLAS – Rasmus Dahlin was smiling when he said that, but you could tell he was a little flustered when asked why he wasn’t selected to the Atlantic Division team at the NHL All-Star Game. After Tage Thompson was selected to the Buffalo team by the NHL’s Operations Department, the Atlantic players voted into the … Read more

Sammy Blais’ NHL future is in jeopardy after PK Subban’s suspected injury

You know what I’m thinking when I look back on that play in the corner early in the third period of the November 14, 2021 game at the Lawn in which BK Suban took out Sammy Bliss’ right knee? I remember the comment an NHL management person made during the 2012-13 lockout that the owners … Read more

NHL99: Joe Sakic remains ‘king’ in Denver, Quebec City and all over the NHL map

you welcome in NHL99And the athleteCountdown to the 100 greatest players in recent NHL history. We rate 100 players but we call it 99 because we all know who is No. 1 – it’s 99 places behind No. 99 we have to find out. Every Monday through Saturday through February we will unveil new members … Read more

Rangers challenged in tough schedule: ‘Good for us’

With three games left until the eight-day All-Star break, which began Monday night against the Panthers at the Garden, the Rangers were playing as if they were somewhere between their slow start and their convincing turnaround. The Blueshirts are a respectable 6-3-2 since the offseason, amassing 14 points while remaining third in the Metropolitan Division … Read more