A healthy lifestyle — especially a nutritious diet — appears to slow memory decline in older adults

Marcus Aurelius on Pexels A 10-year study of Chinese adults over the age of 60 showed that a healthy lifestyle, particularly a nutritious diet, is associated with slowing memory decline in the elderly. Published in The BMJ, the major new research shows that the benefits of healthy living are seen even in those who have … Read more

Helena Bonham Carter: “I have a lot of problems, but the older I get, the older I get: whatever” | Helena Bonham Carter

hElena Bonham Carter believes that, at the age of 56, she is being offered some of the richest parts of her long and storied career. The British actor talks about Netflix the crownin which she played Princess Margaret in the third, fourth, and forthcoming seasons Noli on ITVX. This three part drama is created by … Read more

Carrot tree populations are older, and more diverse than expected

Newswise – Tsukuba, Japan – It’s often assumed that the island’s collections of flora and fauna are just plain, crunchy cousins ​​to those on the mainland. But now, researchers from Japan have discovered that the islanders may be tougher and more complex than previously thought. In a recently published study, a research group led by … Read more

Jan Moore: Prince Harry knows how much this will hurt and infuriate his older brother

Going spare? I also. However, while there has been a lot about Prince Harry this week — everything from his frozen penis to the loss of his virginity outdoors, though these two incidents are sadly unrelated — let’s think about Prince William. Where does all this leave him? Imagine his position. For most of your … Read more