Is Paul T Goldman based on a true story?

A new docuseries will leave you questioning reality. Documentary fans are used to delving into a bit of reality, but what happens when the viewer can’t tell if what they’re seeing is real? That may sound like an unpleasant viewing experience, but when it comes to Peacock’s new documentary series Paul T. GoldmanIncredibly gripping, hilarious, … Read more

Photographs of Paul McCartney’s “Lost” displayed at the National Portrait Gallery | Paul McCartney

Unseen photographs taken by Paul McCartney of the early 1960s when the Beatles catapulted to international stardom will be on display at the renovated National Portrait Gallery this summer. McCartney thought the photographs, taken between December 1963 and February 1964, were lost, but he has recently rediscovered them. NPG Director Nicholas Cullinan said the exhibition, … Read more

Seven Actors Discuss Paul T. Goldman’s Experience

Dennis Haysbert with Paul Finkelmann Paul T. Goldman. Photo: peacock There is a moment in the second episode of Paul T. Goldman — a surrealistic Peacock drama-documentary series about Paul Finkelman’s search for justice after falling victim to a scam perpetrated by his second ex-wife — when Ludwig Manukian, an actor who appeared briefly on … Read more

5 tips for when the Suns Grizzlies stop Chris Paul comeback

After getting 30 fewer points than a week ago in Memphis, Phoenix, shorthand or not, needed to respond, win or lose, in the last regular season meeting Sunday against the healthy Grizzlies. The Suns are still without Devin Booker (groin), Cameron Payne (foot) and Landry Shamet (foot), and DeAndre Ayton didn’t have a second straight … Read more

KISS’s Paul Stanley on face painting and why he switched to “Bandit” makeup for one month in 1974

When Paul Stanley, guitarist for KISS, started painting in 2001, he never expected anyone to see his finished artwork, let alone buy it. He took up the hobby on the recommendation of a caring friend, as a form of therapy, when he was “going through some difficult personal times” due to his divorce from his … Read more

Paul McCartney said he had to be “very meticulous” about Stevie Wonder while they were making “Ebony and Ivory” because he heard it all wrong: “It’s just music.”

Paul McCartney had a great time working with Stevie Wonder on their song “Ebony and Ivory” in 1982. The ex-Beatle said he had to be “very meticulous” about the talented person because he heard every mistake. Paul McCartney and Stevie Wonder | Kevin Mazur / Getty Images Paul McCartney had to wait a long time … Read more

A song written by Paul McCartney for Peter Usher knocked The Beatles’ “Can’t Buy Me Love” off the charts

Paul McCartney wrote a song for Peter Usher, and it did so well that it knocked The Beatles’ “Can’t Buy Me Love” off the charts. Asher got to know Paul well when he began dating his sister, Jane, in the early 1960s. Thanks to Paul and his song, Usher’s career skyrocketed. Paul McCartney with Peter … Read more

‘I’m trembling with fear’: Jake Paul and other internet personalities react to surprising KSI vs. Faze Temperr result

Boxing has been a huge highlight sport. It has been around for a long time and will certainly continue for much more. Now, in the past few years, a new version has come out, which has received a lot of recognition. Among them are fan-favorite internet characters who fight each other to settle the beef … Read more

Bloodbath Nation by Paul Auster Review – A Response to America’s Gun Crisis | history books

wWhen I report on gun deaths in the United States, I always ask bereaved parents an open-ended question about what they think made the tragedy possible. Generally speaking, they mentioned poor parenting, teen pregnancy, absentee fathers, and a host of other talking points on TV. The only thing they won’t lift is guns. After 12 … Read more

Can Paul George and Kawhi Leonard lead the Los Angeles Clippers to the title?

Paul George and Kawhi Leonardpicture: Getty Images The Los Angeles Clippers are a split slate. Without one or both of their wings, they are on a steep slope. There are three different incarnations of Tai Loi’s spin. The Kawhi Leonard Clippers are almost mechanical in their execution as the two-time champion is in charge of … Read more