NFL Championship Game Against the Spread: Vic Tavor Predictions

We’re lucky as football fans because Sunday’s conference championship games are great. We have the top four teams left in the league (the Bills were always a bit of a hustler after the fall of Von Miller, as we said last week). Let’s enjoy what we’ve got – there’s no need for media driven debates … Read more

Fletcher Cox returned to the playoffs for perhaps the last time in his Eagles career

Fletcher Cox emerged from the tunnel in the southwest corner of Philadelphia Eagles’ stadium, patted his chest with the captain’s “C” over the heart, doused in the adoring cheers of the crowd, leaned back and sprayed a mist of water into the air. He was the last player pitched before the Eagles’ divisional round victory … Read more

NFL Playoffs Predictions: 5 Coaches, CEOs Predict Divisional Round Winners

This weekend’s NFL playoff schedule may just be a showdown between last weekend’s exciting slate of fixtures. The Chiefs and Eagles come out of their bye with a chance to check out the No. 1 seeds, but each face a pair of foes – the Jaguars and the Giants – who exceed expectations and prove … Read more

NFL wild-card playoffs pick against the spread: Vic Tafur predictions

Time for the playoffs, time to refocus and get serious after not taking the regular season seriously. Are we talking about me or Duck Prescott? I finished a dismal season with a successful week, while Prescott and the Cowboys were blown away by rookie Sam Howell and the leaders. There were some predictions correct, like … Read more