Predict human population sizes with physics

Human population sizes can be predicted by methods from physics. Credit: Complex Science Complex Just by knowing the average number of friends each person has, scientists at the Complexity Science Hub (CSH) have been able to predict the group sizes of people in a computer game. For this purpose, they modeled the formation of social … Read more

How machine learning can predict rare disasters – such as earthquakes or pandemics

A team of researchers has developed a new framework that uses advanced machine learning and statistical algorithms to predict rare events without the need for large data sets. Scholars can use a combination of advanced[{” attribute=””>machine learning and sequential sampling techniques to predict extreme events without the need for large data sets, according to researchers … Read more

New clues to predict when and where the sun’s next flare might explode

NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory captured this image of a solar flare in 2014. A solar flare is a bright flash of light on the right edge of the Sun. An explosion of solar material can be seen in the space directly below it. Credit: NASA/SDO Sunflares can help scientists predict solar flares In the sun’s … Read more

NFL Playoffs Predictions: 5 Coaches, CEOs Predict Divisional Round Winners

This weekend’s NFL playoff schedule may just be a showdown between last weekend’s exciting slate of fixtures. The Chiefs and Eagles come out of their bye with a chance to check out the No. 1 seeds, but each face a pair of foes – the Jaguars and the Giants – who exceed expectations and prove … Read more

2023 Playoffs Bracket Dropped: Bills Defeat Eagles in Super Bowl LVII As we predict every game

it’s time. The 2022 NFL regular season is over, and it’s time to begin the process of crowning a new champion. The Kansas City Chiefs and Philadelphia Eagles secured the first round in the NFC and NFC Finals, respectively. Will you help them? It certainly didn’t help last year’s Green Bay Packers and Tennessee Titans, … Read more

Biomarkers predict weight loss and suggest personalized diets

summary: A new study suggests that cutting calories and exercising alone isn’t enough to help shift excess weight. Researchers report that gut bacteria and the amount of specific proteins your body produces influence your ability to lose weight and maintain weight loss. Depending on personal biomarkers, people lose more weight following a low-carb diet, while … Read more