Meghan thinks Prince Harry is the ‘prom’ of Grammy award audiobook Spear

Meghan Markle is sure her husband, Prince Harry, will add the Grammy Award winner to his award list thanks to his latest memoir. An entertainment industry insider tells that the Duchess and her team believe Harry is a ‘help’ to win the Grammy Award for Best Spoken Word (Best Audiobook, Recording Narration and Storytelling) … Read more

Prince Andrew reportedly wants Virginia Giuffre to withdraw allegations of abuse

royal The Daily Beast is the newsletter for all things royals and the royal family. Subscription here To get it in your inbox every Sunday. Prince Andrew reportedly wants Virginia Giuffre to recant her allegations Does Prince Andrew think he spied his way back into royal and public life? According to reports in both Sunday … Read more

Prince Harry will not join King Charles and the Queen Consort on the Buckingham Palace balcony for the coronation

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex and the Duke of York are unlikely to join the king and queen on the balcony during the coronation, The Mail on Sunday understands. Buckingham Palace confirmed last night that the newly crowned King and Queen will appear at Buckingham Palace after the ceremony in May. As with the … Read more

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry respond to Jeremy Clarkson’s public apology for scathing ‘hate-shared’ article

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry respond to Jeremy Clarkson’s latest public apology. On Monday, the British TV presenter shared a statement expressing his remorse for writing a controversial article published by The Sun newspaper in December. At the time, the 62-year-old wrote that he hates the Duchess of Sussex “on a cellular level” and dreams … Read more

Prince Harry’s memoirs mercilessly destroy the royal family. He didn’t go far enough

Queen Elizabeth II, left, Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, and Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex, on the balcony of Buckingham Palace on July 10, 2018. (Chris Jackson / Getty Images) In his memoir, Spear, Prince Harry spills more British tea than a certain group of revolutionaries did 250 years ago — with results that could be … Read more

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle fallout from “Spear” threatens the future of Hollywood: experts

Could Prince Harry’s explosive memoir “Spire” hurt the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s chances of becoming a power couple in California? Many royal experts think so. The 38-year-old, who lives in the coastal city of Montecito with his wife, Meghan Markle, and two children, has just put out another book, which hits bookstores on January … Read more

DAN WOOTTON: Prince Harry now appears to be blackmailing the Royal Family

It’s emotional blackmail on a global scale. Issue a grovelling apology to my wife and I against your better judgement. Then forgive us for spilling your biggest secrets and darkest moments, laced with the most grotesque criticism to which you can’t respond, to the highest bidder – or there’s even worse to come. That was … Read more

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are ‘not welcome’ at the BAFTA tea party

The tea was just too hot for this party. Prince Harry and Meghan Markle were reportedly “not welcome” at the star-studded 2023 BAFTA tea party in Los Angeles on Saturday amid drama with the royal family. BAFTA decided it was a terrible idea [to invite them]An adviser to a charity organization told The Sun on … Read more

Tom Power: No one knows better than Charles that Prince Harry has barely scratched the surface

At a private dinner for friends hosted by Charles and Camilla at Clarence House, the King’s guests are surprised by his apparent reluctance to confront his son Harry over his disloyalty. In the face of many smears, provocations and provocations, Charles betrayed one of his fundamental weaknesses: a constitutional unwillingness to confront personal problems head … Read more