Why early participant involvement is now a top priority in genetic disease research –

In 2016, scientists behind a study called the Resilience Project analyzed the genetic data of more than 589,000 people and found 13 adults who carried genetic variants that were supposed to lead to serious — even fatal — childhood illnesses but who appeared to be otherwise healthy. The DNA of these so-called “genetic superheroes” may … Read more

Jared Polis made housing a top priority in the first state of the state address of his second term

said John Southers, Mayor of Colorado Springs, who attended the speech and recognized Polis for his efforts to increase public safety. “They’re putting it under the guise of housing and affordability. But make no mistake about it, they want to control land use from the state capitol and that’s a very scary prospect for most … Read more

The NCAA rallied around its main priority for 2023: getting help from Congress

SAN ANTONIO – The future of the university model has never been more uncertain. So the leaders of college sports decided to be clearer than ever about what they wanted, and what measures they believed were necessary to preserve college sports as we know it. For them, the solution lies in Congress. Yes, the same … Read more