New analog quantum computers to solve previously unsolvable problems

Micrograph image of the new quantum simulator, which features two converging nano-sized metallic semiconductor components integrated into an electronic circuit. Credit: University College Dublin Physicists have created a new type of analog quantum computer that can tackle tough physics problems that even the most powerful digital supercomputers can’t. New research has been published in nature … Read more

Helena Bonham Carter: “I have a lot of problems, but the older I get, the older I get: whatever” | Helena Bonham Carter

hElena Bonham Carter believes that, at the age of 56, she is being offered some of the richest parts of her long and storied career. The British actor talks about Netflix the crownin which she played Princess Margaret in the third, fourth, and forthcoming seasons Noli on ITVX. This three part drama is created by … Read more

Uncle Morda says writing for Kanye West made him understand Big Sean’s problems

Uncle Morda revealed that he wrote to Kanye West at one point, and his frustrations made him understand what Big Sean was going through when it came to dealing with Ye. Morda recently joined DJ SuperstarJay for an interview on SiriusXM’s Shade45 channel where he talked about Yeezy making it work on the writing front … Read more

Procrastination can be a sign of serious health problems, study finds: ScienceAlert

College students have a lot of freedom but not a lot of organization. This can be detrimental to habitual procrastinators. Studies have shown that at least half of college students procrastinate to a level that is potentially detrimental to their education. But this may not be the only negative consequence of putting things off until … Read more

High flows from the Murray to Korng are causing new wetland problems after years of low flows

Migratory birds from all over the world flock to the internationally important Coorong in South Australia made famous by the movie Storm Boy. the main points: High flows from the Murray River flooded the nesting sites with more nutrients and lower than normal salinities Scientists say the flow of water into wetlands needs to be … Read more

Harry wanted the guys to talk about their problems. Now the cure has been weaponized against him Sam Wolfson

wWhile the revelations in Prince Harry’s book have shock value, the form in which they come is not. The tell-all memoir, ghostwritten with the most raunchy stories and broken down into pre-publication interviews, is an informational piece. The subject, publisher, and instructors all know their roles and – barring a few early leaks – things … Read more