5 Questions About Almonds – Answered

Almonds are one of the most researched foods around the world, but the facts about the nutrient-rich nut can be misunderstood due to the amount of complex information out there. So we want to set the record straight. Let’s crack that nut (well, the seed, technically). Question 1: Do almonds contain a lot of calories … Read more

Six questions the legislature will answer in this session

As the 2023 Texas legislative session intensifies, state lawmakers have a golden opportunity to ensure that more children are on the path to a bright future. The Legislature has more revenue available for investment than ever before – and a strong portfolio of bold ideas for kids has bipartisan momentum. As Texan children and families … Read more

Key overtones and unanswered questions

Pieces of a long-awaited puzzle come together as the South Carolina Attorney General’s office begins piecing together a double murder case against fired Hampton attorney Richard “Alex” Murdaugh, who is accused of killing his wife Maggie and son Paul on the night of June 7, 2021, after an alleged decade-long crime spree that resulted in … Read more

Arsenal – Man United – The big questions: Will Trossard play? Lessons learned from Old Trafford

Arsenal’s next fixture in the decisive period of January sees them host in-form Manchester United. The pressure will be on, in part because an oddity in the fixture list means Manchester City could only be two points behind by the time Arsenal start at the Emirates Stadium – albeit with Arsenal still holding two more … Read more

China’s future for AI and jobs: Five big questions from Davos | Davos 2023

A number of important issues emerged from the World Economic Forum in the Swiss resort of Davos. Here are five of the most pressing questions that dominated this year’s global elite gathering. Will China be forced to make friends with the West? Donald Trump’s trade war with China – which was continued by his successor, … Read more

Questions from a mental health expert have forced New York homeless people into hospital

New York City Mayor Eric Adams has emphasized that the city’s strategy to combat homelessness and mental health issues needs a bold overhaul. But after a proposed measure that would send officers, EMS workers, and other city agents to take into custody individuals who appear to be “mentally ill” and “pose a danger to themselves” … Read more

NBA Superlatives Mid-Season: Surprising Questions From the Lakers Kings | NBA

IIt’s an old habit in the NBA to jump to conclusions. MVP gossip starts week one of the season, coaches are in the hot seat by week two, and even before a month has passed, “burn it” roster discussions are emerging. God forbid me to deviate from tradition. So here, a month before the All-Star … Read more

Sticky numbers ruled CES, raising questions about privacy – Stacey on IoT

When I was at CES last week, I noticed several companies showing off camcorders and demonstrating their AI capabilities by superimposing a stick figure over pictures of people taped while they were in the booths. As everyone passed by, superimposed on their image was a stick figure that showed how well the computer’s artificial intelligence … Read more

5 questions to ask when choosing a health insurance plan

When choosing a health insurance plan, there are several questions you should ask to ensure that the coverage you purchase is appropriate for your individual needs. Knowing what questions to ask when choosing a health insurance plan can help make sure you’re getting the most value for your money and the most comprehensive coverage possible. … Read more