NBA Rookie Ranking: Keegan Murray running back career high vs. Thunder. Jeremy Suchan develops a 3-point shot

We’ve heard about the “Rookie Wall” and how it can sneak up on players midway through the season and their production, efficiency and impact go down. But what about the opposite happening? We might call it the Rising Ladder or the Rising Juggernaut, you know like the superhero from the X-Men whose biggest scene was … Read more

Rookie check-in — who’s making the biggest impact at the halfway point?

Special to Yahoo Sports A week and a half has passed in the new calendar year, and many NBA teams have reached the halfway point in their seasons. Yet, most rookies from the 2022 draft class still aren’t considered must-start players in most weekly fantasy leagues. No. 1 overall pick Paolo Banchero remains the top … Read more