Sam Smith has called for the BRIT Awards to become gender-neutral, and now he says it’s a ‘shame’ no women were nominated this year

Singer Sam Smith has called for an end to the separation of awards between men and women, but this year he regretted that no women were nominated for the now-gender-neutral “Artist of the Year” category for the BRIT Awards. British pop star Sam Smith, who identifies as non-binary, has called for awards for non-discrimination on … Read more

Sam Hubbard’s Heroic Run: Anatomy of the Bengals’ Saga, a Game-Changing Watershed Moment

CINCINNATI – Of the 120 plays that took place Sunday night in the AFC wild card game between the Ravens and Bengals, there is only one everyone will remember. Not just tomorrow, or a year from now, or even a decade from now. We talk forever. Sam Hubbard’s sparkling 98-yard touchdown return—the longest such game … Read more

Sam Munson’s 2022 NFL Picks: Patrick Mahomes, Miles Garrett and Suss Gardner on the roster | NFL news, standings and statistics

NFL PFF chief analyst Sam Munson was one of 50 voters for AP All-Pro Team This season, so fOr the first time, the PFF had an official presence at the AP All-Pro voting process. Now that the team is released and the votes there are counted, we can post an entire Sam ballot, which isn’t … Read more

Harry wanted the guys to talk about their problems. Now the cure has been weaponized against him Sam Wolfson

wWhile the revelations in Prince Harry’s book have shock value, the form in which they come is not. The tell-all memoir, ghostwritten with the most raunchy stories and broken down into pre-publication interviews, is an informational piece. The subject, publisher, and instructors all know their roles and – barring a few early leaks – things … Read more