I met the oldest woman in the world – she shared her memories of Van Gogh in Arles

I don’t kiss the women I interview – it’s not professional. But one time I made an exception. In 1988 she met Jeanne Calment, at the age of 113, who was then the oldest person on Earth. That year was the centenary of Van Gogh’s arrival in Arles, and I was there to hear her … Read more

WATCH: Lisa Marie Presley shared notes at Elvis Presley’s 88th birthday at Graceland days before her death

Days before Lisa Marie Presley passed away on Thursday, January 12, she attended an event at Graceland in Memphis to honor her father, Elvis Presley, for what would have been his 88th birthday celebration. During her brief remarks at the estate, she thanked enthusiastic supporters and praised their willingness to travel from all over the … Read more