Why did gunmen shoot this TV star?

Quetzale Nikte-Ha/Reuters MEXICO CITY — Ciro Gómez Leyva, one of Mexico’s best-known radio and television correspondents, heard the shattering sound of gunshots bouncing off his car window as he drove home from work in his armored car last month. Bulletproof glass saved him from becoming another statistic in a deadly string of attacks against journalists … Read more

7-Eleven stores in Texas, California, New York use classical music to shoot homeless people

Some 7-Eleven convenience stores across the country, including in Texas and California, have begun using classical music and loud opera as a tactic to deter homeless people from camping out in front of their storefronts. One Texas 7-Eleven owner says the goal is to deter homeless individuals from being there and harassing customers. Some customers … Read more

The leaders, seeking a “fresh start” in the operations center, shoot Scott Turner

ASHBURN, Va. — The Washington Chiefs fired offensive coordinator Scott Turner on Tuesday after another disappointing season offensively. Turner, who signed a three-year extension out last season, has been with coach Ron Rivera for seven years, including the last three years in Washington. He coached under Rivera for parts of four seasons with the Carolina … Read more