We asked the new AI to do some simple rocket science. It crashed and burned : NPR

Computers have been used in rocketry for half-a-century, so it’s possible to think that the new AI programs could help. They struggled to grasp the basics. NPR staff generated imagery using Midjourney hide caption toggle caption NPR staff generated imagery using Midjourney Computers have been used in rocketry for half-a-century, so it’s possible to think … Read more

Fitness trainer Vicki Hill shares her simple “lifestyle” to help you lose a pound in a week

The fitness guru shares her simple ‘life hack’ to help you lose a pound a week — and her other 5 ‘must-haves’ to shed fat fast British fitness trainer Vicki Hill said that walking 10,000 steps is the key to losing weight She said that 10,000 steps burns 500 calories, which is 3,500 calories each … Read more

One simple idea that will make managing your weight easier over time: ScienceAlert

Losing weight is one of the most common New Year’s resolutions, and yet it’s the one most of us struggle to achieve. By the time the second or third week of January rolls around, many of us find it difficult to commit to the lifestyle changes needed to lose weight, or at least keep it … Read more

Will Patrick Mahomes, whose bosses may be an underdog on Sunday, finally be left to lean on simple motivation?

At five years old, Patrick Mahomes has been making pop-ups before a game at Texas Rangers Stadium, where his father, Pat, assures his teammates that his son can handle it without getting injured. Soon he was coached by no less than Alex Rodriguez. “He was watching my swing and giving me pointers,” said Patrick. The … Read more

Six Simple Moves to Build Brutal Muscle Without the Barbells

However, are you trying to find time for the gym? Don’t pull your hair out yet; There are a lot of ways to build muscle without weights. Pull-up resistance and exercise bands are a great place to start. Working out with these low-cost supplies will add more tension and resistance to exercises like push-ups, pull-ups, … Read more

Simple everyday ways to boost your nutrition without noticing

The start of a new year is known as “diet season” — a time when every new program, dose or supplement is whipped up as a way to undo the damage done by several weeks of overeating this holiday season. Inevitably, these extreme regimes come and go, and we return fairly quickly to our usual … Read more

There’s a simple way to offset the health risks of sitting all day: ScienceAlert

To reduce the harmful health effects of sitting, take a 5-minute walk every half hour. This is the main finding of a new study that my colleagues and I have published in the journal Medicine and Science in Sport and Exercise. We asked 11 healthy adults, middle-aged and older, to sit in our laboratory for … Read more

A simple 5-minute breathing exercise that will make you happy (it’s even better than meditation!)

A simple 5-minute breathing exercise that will make you happy (and it’s better than mindfulness!) Participants did one of three breathing exercises daily for five minutes Their moods were measured using a positive and negative affect scale Cyclic hyperventilation exercises saw the largest increase in positivity By Emily Stern, Mailonline Health Correspondent published: 10:13 a.m. … Read more

3 simple exercises that trainers swear by to banish bloating and fatigue

Unfortunately some days we wake up puffed up sore and tired, and when that’s the case, one of the best things you can do is get up and get moving. There are plenty of ways to get your digestion flowing and help you wake up, from a cup of coffee to a cold shower, but … Read more