Washington State University Scientists Discover New Stress Hormone That Fights Metabolic Disorders Medical College News

The research team, pictured from left, included Hyunbae Kim, PhD, Qigong Zhang, PhD, and Zhenfeng Song, PhD, A research team led by Professor Qizhong Zhang, Ph.D., of the Wayne State University School of Medicine’s Center for Molecular Medicine and Genetics and Department of Biochemistry, Microbiology, and Immunology, made a key discovery in the production of … Read more

Try these effective tips if you often suffer from stress

Keep reading as we share with you some effective tips to help you fight stress. The cause of stress may be work, relationship or family problems Many people often suffer from stress and anxiety and experience stress on a daily basis. Everyday stresses such as work, family, health, and finances often lead to higher levels … Read more

Tesla price cuts accelerate EV market’s first recession stress test

Pedestrians walk past the Tesla Motors official authorized car dealer store in Hong Kong. Sopa Images | Lightrocket | Getty Images Is the first electric-vehicle recession here, or coming soon? As electric-car stocks plummeted in late 2022, the rout evoked comparisons to the dot-com stock bust two decades ago. Like the internet industry then, the … Read more

10 ways to manage lag and take the stress out of the rest of the game

by: Kelly Stenzel, Top 100 Teachers January 14, 2023 Distance control requires practice and repetition. Angus Murray The art and skill of controlling the distance between you and your throw will help you lower your score and avoid missed shots. If you can successfully roll your first putt, it will take a lot of pressure … Read more

A review and meta-analysis suggest that mechanical ventilation may be effective for improving stress and mental health

Study results published in Scientific reports It has been suggested that practicing breathing exercises helps reduce stress and improve mental health. Study: Effect of breathing on stress and mental health: a meta-analysis of randomized trials. Image credit: Nata Penney/Shutterstock background Breathing practices date back to ancient times, as evidenced by yoga (India), vase breathing (Tibet), … Read more