Extended personal facts? The first pilot study of the EXPERIENCE project has been launched with the goal of advancing the diagnosis of mental health disorders via virtual reality

In a blog about advancing the diagnosis of mental health disorders, research assistant Sara Sutori discusses the trial, a study of a virtual reality environment designed to assess symptoms of depression, registered with the ISRCTN registry. Sarah Sutori January 24, 2023 Young man wearing virtual reality glasses Halfpoint/stock.adobe.com Experience project The EXPERIENCE project aims to … Read more

Dr. Louis E. Grenzer Sr., Baltimore cardiologist and author of Study Guide for Medical Students – The Baltimore Sun, dies

Dr. Louis E. Grenzer Sr., a retired Baltimore cardiologist who wrote a study and review guide for the cardiology board exam and was an accomplished banjo player and videographer, died of cardiac arrest on January 3 at University of Maryland St. Joseph Medical. Center in Tucson. He was 81 years old. “Louis Grenzer was a … Read more

A new study analyzes the GCAT group with pigs

Image: graphic abstract. Supplementary Scheme S1 Opinion more Credit: GCAT – IGTP Researchers from the IGTP’s GCAT’Genomes for Life project analyzed the genetic basis of 13 chromosomal traits and their association with disease. The work was published this month in genes. Chromosomal traits, which are determined genetically, have been largely studied by GWAS predominantly in … Read more

Study finds it’s nearly impossible to destroy ‘rubble pile’ asteroids

asteroid Itokawa. Credit: Curtin University Research conducted by Curtin University on the durability and age of an ancient asteroid made of rocky rubble and dust revealed important results that could contribute to saving the planet if one of them launched towards Earth. The international team studied three tiny dust particles collected from the surface of … Read more

Study demonstrates emotional ‘damping’ caused by common antidepressants

summary: SSRI antidepressants can make users less sensitive to rewards, which leads to emotional relief for many users. The findings provide new evidence for the role serotonin plays in reinforcement learning. Source: Cambridge University Scientists have worked out why a common antidepressant causes half of the users to feel emotionally ‘low’. In a study published … Read more

New study supports the 3-meter walking backwards test tool for fibromyalgia

The 3-meter backward walking test (3MBWT) has proven to be a reliable tool for gait assessment in many patient groups. However, prior to this study, its reliability in fibromyalgia (FM) had not been evaluated. According to researchers, one of the most debilitating symptoms experienced by nearly half of fibromyalgia patients is poor balance. More specifically, … Read more

Never before – a new way to study quarks

Quarks are elementary particles and an essential constituent of matter. They are the smallest things we know and are not made up of anything smaller or simpler. Quarks come in six different “flavors”: up, down, charm, strange, up, and down. They are never found alone in nature, but are always found in combination with other … Read more

A solution to hypercapnia? A new study suggests fertilizing the ocean

Seeding the oceans with nano-fertilizers could create a big, much-needed carbon sink. Credit: Illustration by Stephanie King | Pacific Northwest National Laboratory Iron-based fertilizers in the form of nanoparticles have the potential to store excess carbon dioxide in the ocean. An international team of researchers led by Michael Hochella of the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory … Read more

Study reveals a new genetic disorder that causes…

Photo: The study team included, from left, Linh Tran, Martinez Baricart, Ph.D., Garp Perez Caraballo, and Chen Zin. Opinion more Credit: Susan Orme/Vanderbilt University Medical Center An international consortium co-led by Vanderbilt University Medical Center immunologist Rubén Martínez-Parikart has discovered a new genetic disorder that causes immunodeficiency and a profound susceptibility to opportunistic infections including … Read more