5 tips for when the Suns Grizzlies stop Chris Paul comeback

After getting 30 fewer points than a week ago in Memphis, Phoenix, shorthand or not, needed to respond, win or lose, in the last regular season meeting Sunday against the healthy Grizzlies. The Suns are still without Devin Booker (groin), Cameron Payne (foot) and Landry Shamet (foot), and DeAndre Ayton didn’t have a second straight … Read more

The undisclosed Phoenix Suns reserves go up dramatically in the win over the Pacers

PHOENIX – The Phoenix Suns have been criticized time after time for their lack of needle-moving menu moves over the past couple of years, and I was right to throw them away. It’s a pain for the team especially this season, but even so, the Suns still deserve credit once again for nailing a few … Read more

Matt Ishpia visits Phoenix, and makes a strong first impression on the Suns

Ash Wainwright hopes Matt Ichpeia enjoyed the Suns game on Thursday and didn’t need medical attention afterwards. “I hope he didn’t have a heart attack or anything like that,” the Suns’ two-way quarterback joked after Friday’s practice. “It was great to have him there.” Sitting on court, Ichpea watched the Sun take a 24-point lead … Read more

New clues to predict when and where the sun’s next flare might explode

NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory captured this image of a solar flare in 2014. A solar flare is a bright flash of light on the right edge of the Sun. An explosion of solar material can be seen in the space directly below it. Credit: NASA/SDO Sunflares can help scientists predict solar flares In the sun’s … Read more

Should the Phoenix Suns “blow it up”? Charles Barclay thinks so

Charles Barkley will join his Phoenix Suns teammates from the 1992-93 NBA Finals team this weekend as they are honored at halftime of Saturday’s game against Indiana at the Footprint Center. He recently said that the present Sun (21-24) should not remain the same. “My Phoenix Suns need to blow it,” Barkley said on TNT’s … Read more

Cam Johnson is ready to offer the Phoenix Suns a much needed lift in return

PHOENIX – It’s December 23rd and Cam Johnson is elated as he leaves the footprint center. Received an early Christmas gift. “I’m going on a road trip!” Johnson shouted to reporters with a happy smile. At the time, it had been nearly two months since he had recovered from a right meniscus tear. Johnson’s rehabilitation … Read more

Windhorst says Matt Ichpia’s upcoming Suns takeover could smooth the waters

Poor play, injuries, a precarious ownership situation, and the trade deadline loom large around the Phoenix Suns. They are sitting out of play at the moment at 21-24. If there’s any place to find optimism, it doesn’t seem to be ESPN’s Brian Windhorst, who has written about the complex property situation. Suspended owner Robert Sarver, … Read more

Can the Phoenix Suns reopen their championship window?

What upsets the 12th-ranked Phoenix Suns as a potential playoff team was diagnosed in the daily injury report. What upsets the top seed in the Western Conference as a competitor is a bit more complicated. The Suns fell off their final championship berth behind the once-forgotten Oklahoma City Thunder another weekend when All-Star guards Devin … Read more

Monty Williams Responds to Jay Crowder’s Comments About Suns Coaches

MINNEAPOLIS — Jay Crowder expressed his disappointment with the Phoenix Suns’ coaches during an interview with Bleacher Report’s Chris Haynes. Crowder has not been traded yet and the NBA trade deadline is February 9th. “I’m so confused and hurt that my coaches didn’t appreciate the things you brought to our team and our organization,” said … Read more

Thompson: If Andrew Wiggins made playoff comeback, Warriors’ loss to Suns was a win

San Francisco – The fourth quarter started with the Warriors down 19 points. Steve Kerr went with a small squad, four players on the wing and Draymond Green in the center, trying to start some kind of positive. Visiting Phoenix, who played without most of their key players, did the opposite. Dario Daric, at 6-foot-10, … Read more