The Last Of Us Tells A Tale Of Gay Survival With Bill And Frank

Screenshot: HBO / Kotaku The story of Bill and Frank in The Last of Us (and its remaster and remake) is a tragic one. Naughty Dog’s series is full of tragedy, but because it features a same-sex relationship to portray the danger of forming connection in the post-apocalypse, to some, it felt like another in … Read more

The starling population growth is a cautionary tale, says the NS expert

Nova Scotia environmentalists have long warned of the dangers that invasive species of plants and animals can pose to local ecosystems. The European starling is a case in point, according to Christine NoelAnd Council Supervisor of the Invasive Species Council of Nova Scotia. The European buzzing starling, a common sight throughout Nova Scotia with its … Read more

Dark Psychological Fairy Tale is Reese’s January Book Club Pick

The House in the Pines by Ana Reyes What do you belong to? This unquenchable thriller follows Maya as she tries to prove once and for all that her best friend was murdered years ago by her then-boyfriend. Reese Witherspoon has announced her book club January choice as First Author Anna Reyes” The house in … Read more

Allegra Goodman’s coming-of-age tale is small, but not simple: NPR

The past two years have taught us all to be careful about expectations for the new year, but any year that begins with the publication of a new novel by Allegra Goodman promises—just promises—to start off right. During her more than 30-year career, Goodman has distinguished herself as a literary cartographer, a meticulous cartographer of … Read more