I talked about golf using the viral chatbot ChatGPT. The results blew my mind

by: Alan Pastel January 18, 2023 ChatGPT can talk golf for days, maybe even years. chat If you haven’t already heard of or read about the humanoid chatbot ChatGPT, you soon will. Launched in November, the bot looks like a mix of Google and Alexa, except in a more engaging way: a know-it-all search engine … Read more

Katie Austin says her mom, Denise Austin, has never talked about losing weight at home

Katie Austin opens up about the idea of ​​creating a fitness brand that’s “not intimidating.” (Photo courtesy of Sports Illustrated swimwear, designed by Quinn Limmers) It’s numbers Body Image series from Yahoo Life, delves into the journeys of influential and inspiring characters as they explore what body confidence, body neutrality, and self-love mean to them. … Read more