Dolphins spotted in the Bronx River for the first time in years highlight clean-up efforts

Dolphins were spotted swimming in the Bronx River this week Dolphins were spotted swimming in the Bronx River this week 00:28 The Bronx River was considered an “open sewer” for years, due in large part to the large amounts of industrial waste dumped into the New York City waterway in the 19th and 20th centuries. … Read more

‘A Face Is Not Just a Face’: Is It Finally Time for the Gay Gaze of Unsung Portraitist Gilbert Lewis?

“I didn’t realize until recently what a profound effect he had on my life,” Anthony Rullo said of the Philadelphia-based figurative painter Gilbert Lewis. He first posed for him in 1986, and would do so, about twice a week, for $6 an hour for the next ten years. At the time, Rullo was 23 and … Read more

Twisting of atoms through space and time

In two experiments with very cold atoms, the researchers explored landscapes of different topological shapes that they can create in space and time. Credit: with modifications by Dina Genkina/JQI One of the most exciting applications of quantum computers will be to direct their gaze inward, to the very quantum rules that make them tick. … Read more

It’s belt time for startups in the space

Downsizing, eliminating travel, and keeping employees flexible helps startups grow every dollar they raise Credit: SpaceNews Midjourney illustration If it were easier to raise money, Plasmos might even have a facility dedicated to testing rocket engines. Instead, the payment startup rented a speedboat restoration shop east of Los Angeles. There, “we were able to test … Read more

Tottenham vs Fulham odds, predictions, start time: Premier League picks, best bets for January 23, 2023

It won’t be any easier for either team on Monday when Tottenham visit Craven Cottage to face off Fulham in the English Premier League match. Both teams lose to the top four teams, with Tottenham playing the top two in the league in consecutive matches. Tottenham (10-3-7) lost both but are in fifth place in … Read more

iPhone 15 Ultra with LG’s flagship zoom camera may upset Samsung – if it’s ready on time!

Since the day Huawei introduced a flagship flagship phone with a periscope zoom lens, smartphone cameras have never been the same! In fact, I personally spoiled my Huawei P30 Pro, which I still own and use. To fast-forward, today we have 2x, 3x, 4x, 5x, and even 10x optical zoom cameras on phones like the … Read more

‘Last of Us’ episode 2 release date, time, and trailer for HBO’s zombie show

After a terrible startHBO’s The last of us Attracting the masses and preparing them for what is to come. With new stakes at stake and perilous landscapes to traverse, Episode 2 promises plenty of post-apocalyptic action to unfold. attracting 4.7 million viewers, The last of us It is officially the most watched premiere in HBO … Read more

Hitting the books: At the time the suburbs of San Francisco sued the airport for being too noisy

sFrancisco has always sought to reconcile its firm progressive ideals with the region’s need for tangible technological advancement. SFO International Airport, which opened for business in 1959 and has undergone significant expansion and modernization in the years since, is a microcosm of that struggle. On the other hand, the Gulf region would probably not be … Read more

49ers vs. Cowboys Prediction, Odds, Line, Spread, Start Time: 2023 NFL Picks By Form Who’s 16-6

The teams that have collectively appeared in 31 appearances in the NFC Championship Game since the merger in 1970 will clash when the Dallas Cowboys take on the San Francisco 49ers in Sunday’s NFC Divisional Game of the NFL Final Four in 2023. The winner of the game will advance to the next stage Sunday’s … Read more

How to reduce screen time in 2023, according to experts

The negative effects of excessive screen time include eye strain, brain fog, and anxiety. Screen addiction is a growing concern among psychologists. Psychologist Olivia Brouillette offers advice for those looking to cut down on screen time in 2023. loading Something is loading. Thank you for your registration! Access your favorite topics in a personalized feed … Read more