Sarah Sherman on comedy, SNL, and her love of the ugly

Sarah Sherman In the make-up chair Saturday Night LiveAnd It transforms into a giant five-eyed monster. Since she joined the show in 2021, SNLMakeup artist Louie Zakarian transformed her into the Six Flags mascot, covered her in meatballs, and turned her real-life eyes into new eyes. That was it for the graphics. Today, though, they’re … Read more

Coastal residents fear ‘ugly’ sea walls will obstruct waterfront views | sea ​​level

There have been more than a few issues in the recent federal plan to insulate Miami from the dangers of climate change. The $5 billion proposal involved building a massive concrete seawall in the fragile marine ecosystem of Biscayne Bay. It included using taxpayer money to raise private waterfront mansions, while building a wall through … Read more