NBL owner Larry Kesselman says league has talked to Bronny James’ management, in the mix to bring him to Australia Son of LeBron James of the Los Angeles Lakers plays in the NBL, team news, results.

Bronnie James, son of NBA star LeBron James, is in his senior year of high school at Sierra Canyon High School in Los Angeles but is not eligible to enter the NBA draft until 2024, which means he will soon choose a destination to play basketball during his gap year before he leaves. He joins … Read more

How is Florida wilderness faring after Hurricane Ian?

CNN – Southwest Florida looks a lot different than it did before Hurricane Ian hit the area six weeks ago. The green Sanibel Island has turned brown, its trees snapped by the storm or drowned in the salt water. And Cape Coral, a meticulously planned community cut by rows of canals, is still digging itself … Read more

‘I Think This Would Make a Good Movie’: Why a Georgia Realtor Was Invited to Play The Masters

CNN – Until now, the closest Atlanta-based realtor Scott Stallings to Augusta National was nearby Costco. Despite years of trying, he was never able to get a ticket to see the prestigious Masters tournament on the legendary course. As a golf fan from Georgia, major attendance has remained an unspecified item on my bucket list. … Read more

5 things to know on January 19: the economy, New Zealand, Covid-19, Ukraine, Amazon

CNN – A street snack known as “dragon’s breath” is at the center of a dangerous new viral video trend. The colorful candies are dipped in liquid nitrogen to create a vapor effect when eaten – creating smoke-like fumes that billow from the mouth, nose and ears. Health officials are warning against eating the popular … Read more

Low rates of childhood immunization are a major concern. Our medical analyst explains why

CNN – A new study from the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention shows low vaccination rates for measles, polio, diphtheria and other diseases among US children. The rate of required vaccinations among kindergarten students decreased from 95% to approximately 94% during the 2020-21 school year. And it fell further – to 93% – … Read more

Another atmospheric river batters California, renewing fears of flooding in the state as storms have left at least 19 dead.

CNN – Another atmospheric river reached storm-hit California, reigniting fears of flooding, potential landslides and treacherous travel to the state Monday as a relentless series of storms caused widespread damage and left at least 19 dead in recent weeks. . “We’ve lost a lot – a lot of people to these storms and in these … Read more

James Webb Telescope: Six months of images

It’s been six months since the James Webb Space Telescope began sending back to Earth breathtaking images of the universe, dazzling stargazers and scientists alike. The images have led to new discoveries about the universe, including the formation of stars, the evolution of black holes, and the formation of planets in other solar systems. NASA’s … Read more

California’s dilemma: How can you harness massive amounts of rain when water is scarce? Scientists say let it sink in.

CNN – California went from severe drought to severe flooding in a matter of days. On Monday, 90% of the state’s population was under flood watch as another round of storms passed. However, it was just last week when several counties in the state were experiencing quite the opposite—an exceptional drought, which the U.S. Drought … Read more

Phoenix Suns, Jock Landale, contract, future, journey to NBA, Saint Mary’s college basketball, Australians in NBA

Jock Landale still remembers every part of the year he spent “slugging it out” in the mountains. From the backcountry runs and hikes to early mornings spent cutting up firewood, just so his unit could have showers. “The simplest way to put it,” he told foxsports.com.au, “is it turned me from a kid into a … Read more