Pathan Pastoral Vision

Environmentalism is a word that is often misunderstood these days – someone who espouses wildlife protection is seen as elitist oblivious to the plight of hill-dwellers who face the brunt of human-animal conflicts. As a result, many of the Greens were in the back, fearing a public reaction, and some even jumped to the other … Read more

Seattle startup aims to transform surgery with AI, computer vision, and augmented reality – GeekWire

Proprio Chief Medical Officer and co-founding surgeon Sam Browd using the Paradigm System. The screen shows a paragraph image. (photo fitting) At a former Boeing manufacturing facility near the Seattle waterfront, a six-year-old startup is preparing a system it says will transform surgery. Proprio technology allows surgeons to see key structures on a screen in … Read more

We Need Trees: Green Vision Struggling to Take Roots in Europe’s Cities | cities

FFrom Madrid to Berlin and Paris to Budapest, scientists and planners agree that trees, trees, and more trees can help make Europe’s cities more comfortable — and even survivable — over the coming years, as global warming strengthens its grip. But concrete sidewalks, tall buildings, historic plazas, and underground parking lots are a hostile environment … Read more

The zebrafish model helps explain the evolution of the eye

Newswise — Scientists at the National Eye Institute (NEI) have developed a zebrafish model of NEDBEH — a rare genetic disorder that can cause coloboma, in which parts of the eye are missing due to developmental defects. The model provides a new tool for understanding the embryonic development of the eye. NEI is part of … Read more