The first truly wireless TV that sticks to the walls, has no outlets and no remote control

At CES 2023, Displace showed how its futuristic 55-inch battery-powered 4K TV uses a special pop-up camera to recognize gesture controls and its own active-ring vacuum seal to stick to walls. DisplaceTV’s gesture controls that caught our attention the most in the show were the ability to use your finger as a mouse to select … Read more

Ants on the ceiling, geckos climbing the walls: How does nature create stickiness?

Many animals have sticky secrets. They’re able to attach themselves to almost any surface—dry, wet, rough, or smooth—and then unstick when they need to move on. “The way animals and plants produce goo is an inspiration for many of the ways things stick to other things in your daily life,” says Ann Jones, host of … Read more

Big Axes: Deconstructing the Walls for Colorado Wildlife

A wildlife overpass over Colorado Highway 9 between Cremmeling and Silverthorne helps mitigate animal vehicle collisions in the area.Hugh Carey / Summit Daily Although I’ve never been a big game hunter, I’ve killed three deer in Colorado and will probably give a bull a headache. Not to mention my slaughter among rabbits and other small … Read more

Coastal residents fear ‘ugly’ sea walls will obstruct waterfront views | sea ​​level

There have been more than a few issues in the recent federal plan to insulate Miami from the dangers of climate change. The $5 billion proposal involved building a massive concrete seawall in the fragile marine ecosystem of Biscayne Bay. It included using taxpayer money to raise private waterfront mansions, while building a wall through … Read more