Wetland forests with unique plants and wildlife at Rocky Point are now protected

Eastern Woodrat (Photo: Sturgis McKeever, Georgia Southern University, Bugwood.org Creative Commons License 3.0) ROCKY POINT, NC (AP) — On a mission to beautify the natural habitats along the North Carolina coast, Janice Allen was thrilled with the effort to protect what she calls “a little wetland gem” by two busy highways in Rocky Point. Allen, … Read more

High flows from the Murray to Korng are causing new wetland problems after years of low flows

Migratory birds from all over the world flock to the internationally important Coorong in South Australia made famous by the movie Storm Boy. the main points: High flows from the Murray River flooded the nesting sites with more nutrients and lower than normal salinities Scientists say the flow of water into wetlands needs to be … Read more

A conservation group opposes an oil sands wetland mining project in northern Alberta

An Alberta conservation group is raising concerns about potential environmental harm from an approved oil sands mining operation in a critical wetland in northern Alberta. Alberta’s energy regulator approved Suncor’s plan to operate in the McClelland Lake Wetland complex last year. The project is part of Fort Hills Oilands’ existing corporate operation. The AER’s authorization … Read more