John Darnielle on writing Fake Heavy Metal for “Poker Face”

Photo: David A. Smith/Getty Images We chat with John Darnell about his guest-starring role in Rian Johnson’s new detective, poker faceAnd It’s a bit like attending a pep talk in three different classes at the same time. One of them is metal, a genre that Darney knows well and loves dearly, although not the genre … Read more

Uncle Morda says writing for Kanye West made him understand Big Sean’s problems

Uncle Morda revealed that he wrote to Kanye West at one point, and his frustrations made him understand what Big Sean was going through when it came to dealing with Ye. Morda recently joined DJ SuperstarJay for an interview on SiriusXM’s Shade45 channel where he talked about Yeezy making it work on the writing front … Read more

The Streets of Egypt team recommends: Books to read in your twenties

The Streets of Egypt team recommends: Books to read in your twenties Image source: Farah Rafeeq The twenties are a fruitful decade of continuous growth. The best part – though some might argue otherwise – is that no one else is on the same track. Some are adults juggling with endless responsibilities, others are free … Read more

This 22-year-old is trying to save us from ChatGPT before his writing is changed forever: Planet Money: NPR

While many Americans were high on alcohol on New Year’s Day, 22-year-old Edward Tian was frantically working on a new anti-abuse app called a powerful new AI tool called ChatGPT. Given the hype that has been generated, there is a good chance that you have heard of ChatGPT. It is an interactive chatbot powered by … Read more

What does AI ChatGPT mean for the future of writing?

How will AI chatting tools change the future of writing? AI chat tools have the potential to change the way we type by making it more efficient and accurate. For example, they can help check spelling and grammar, suggest synonyms, and even generate entire pieces of text. This technology could also make writing more accessible … Read more