The song Babel from FST raises difficult issues about the future of humanity

In her new play “Babel,” which launches a long-delayed new season of Florida Studio Theatre’s Phase 3 series, Jacqueline Goldfinger poses some provocative, challenging, and difficult personal questions about the future of the human race.

FST helped develop the play and planned to first produce it as part of the National New Play Network’s circulating world premiere program two years before COVID closed theatres. FST is now the last of the six theaters to stage the play, and it comes after the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade, which could change perceptions of the story since Goldfinger began writing it.

It is set in the near future where genetic testing can identify potential behavioral problems just weeks after a woman becomes pregnant. Voters agreed that women would be forced to terminate their pregnancies through an injection if tests showed their child was predisposed to certain behaviours.

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The idea is to create a more perfect society by letting doctors and the government play God. In her story about two couples and close friends who are expecting at the same time, Goldfinger points out that you can believe one thing widely and feel differently when he gets home, when your future child’s life is at stake. The word abortion is not mentioned. Goldfinger tackles broader issues in this 75-minute play.

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