The upcoming new Twilight books could fix the movies’ bad ending

While the end of the twilight The saga has been divisive among the franchise’s large audience, and the upcoming books in the series can salvage that. although twilight The books (and the movies based on them) have been huge successes, and the saga was met with a lot of criticism upon its release. Some negative reviews twilight The well-received saga has been more than a shot at the franchise’s teen fanbase, but even among mainstream fans, some valid criticisms have surfaced.

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Whether plot holes in bella and charlie twilight Relationship or lack of stakes in the story of the first sequel, there was a lot of fair criticism leveled at twilight Movies. However, the biggest problem viewers had with twilight The films were the disappointing end to the last part of the series, Breaking Dawn Part 2. Disreputable , Breaking Dawn Part 2 The series staged a brutal and bloody battle that killed a slew of heroes and villains alike, only for the movie to reveal that this was all just a dream. Fortunately, Stephanie Meyers has two more twilight Planned books, which means the franchise can fix this mistake.

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How Stephenie Meyers’ future Twilight plans could redeem the franchise

Stephanie Meyers said during a 2020 virtual event books She was obsessed with the original ideas and wanted to do something new before writing more Twilight. Butthe author said she had plots ready for two more twilight books. twilightThe original sequel forever dawn It would have seen the series end after only two installments, but Myers rewrote the plot to add a pair of sequels between the first and final novel. In 2020, Myers explained that there were still two more books in the world twilight She wanted to write it down, which means the author is open to expanding the series’ universe again.

Myers plans for the future twilight The franchise could bring back the original saga ending, which was a quiet and uneventful finale to the drama series. Although all of the main characters got their happy endings, Breaking Dawn Part 2The finale still left a vocal portion of the fanbase disappointed when the finale promised a major battle and failed to deliver. twilightBest Adapted Movie eclipse Altered the story of the source novel so that the adaptation could focus more on drama, cinematography, and Breaking Dawn Part 2Failing to do the same can be fixed by the new one twilight Books that offer a better, more appropriate ending to the franchise.

Twilight reruns have slowed the franchise down (but it’s still proven to have an audience)

Midnight Edward kills Bella Twilight

Be it in 2015 flipped the genders life and death or 2020 The midnight sun (which was the original twilight book, but a retold from Edward Buff), Myers was too busy working on a rewrite of the original book to go ahead and tell the new twilight stories. However, while this halted the progression of the franchise, the retellings have also served a vital purpose. These novels, and their financial success, proved that there was still a new audience twilight books, which was not evident after the fiasco of supernatural novels like 2021 Dracula a novel the invitation.

The midnight sun It was a bestseller, providing irrefutable evidence that the twilight A movie or TV reboot of the franchise could be financially viable. although twilight The novels and their film adaptations originally appealed to teens now entering their 30s, and the franchise clearly has a lasting appeal that hasn’t been eroded by the passage of time. This is promising news for the next two Myers twilight books, which are likely to be successful enough to induce adaptation. While The midnight sun She didn’t receive a movie (and she didn’t life or death), this was primarily because they were retellings of the original novel and not true twilight supplement.

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The new Twilight movie could completely change his reputation

Split image of Bella lead, Edward and Bella staring at each other and Jacob in the Twilight movies with the title on top

While bringing Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart back for a new twilight The film would be an impressive feat, and a remake would be out of the question given its cultural impact. Meanwhile, despite the resurgence in popularity that twilight The series I enjoyed seems to have dwindled since 2017-2020, that doesn’t mean it’s new twilight The movie won’t be able to recapture the appeal of the previous installments in the same way that the Myers novels have regained the appeal of their previous ones. the twilight The saga grossed a whopping $3.3 billion at the box office, and it’s unlikely that any franchise with this much money-making potential could have disappeared from the public consciousness.

However, for a new twilight To succeed, the project would need to redefine the focus of the series. Myers has already made it clear that she will not be rewriting another book twilight The novels are from Edward’s perspective and the author is right to take this approach, because a clever trick can become tiresome with another novel. Instead, file twilight The reboot will need to focus not on older versions of existing characters, but on a character around the same age that Bella, Jacob, and Edward were when the series began. as, twilightRenesmee sequels should be back.

Redeeming Twilight’s reputation could lead to another major movie franchise

Why did the host fail where twilight succeeded

If a file twilight The novels focus on Renesmee, he may take this complex legacy of the current saga and turn it into a fun revival. Instead of diving further into Edward’s dark background and making the tragic and inflated elements out of it twilight Pivotal to the story, a new reboot of the franchise could focus on the young daughter of Bella and Edward specifically to give the series a fresh perspective. Myers has already stated that she wants to work on new projects as well, and her next works will have a better chance of success if her name is associated with a fun reboot rather than a twilight The end of the original divisive story.

Already, one big-budget adaptation of Meyers’ work sank like a stone and flopped with critics because twilightShameful reputation as a humorless series. But, the hostFailed to restore twilightHis success can be seen as proof that twilight The saga deserves a more fun-focused, self-aware reboot, focusing on Renesmee’s story to spark interest in Meyers’ writing. If the next twilight The novels take this approach, there is no limit to where the series’ universe can go in the future and how many franchises its author can create.

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