Will Marty Friedman play MEGADETH at the Tokyo concert next month?

according to mega Former Megadeth Of Destruction fan page mega guitar player Marty Friedman He heavily hinted that he would join the band on stage during Dave Mustaine– Concert held at Nippon Budokan in Tokyo, Japan on February 27th.

While appearing on a Japanese radio show “The next guitar hero is…” on me InterFM89760 years old Friedman — who has been living and recording music in Japan since 2003 — said, “I can’t give specifics. But we’ll play together… I think it’s going to be a magical night.” MartyJapan’s comments were also reportedly picked up by Japan a long time ago Bourne! Journal in an article that has apparently since been removed from the site.

if Friedmanperform with mega Incarnate, it will be his first appearance with the group since his departure from the group in 2000.

Mostin He seemed to be on good terms with Friedman In recent years, with mega The commander mentioned in a a barrier Video (see below) talking to him Marty As recently as last New Year’s Eve.

three years ago, Friedman He admitted that money was his main motivator when he was approached about participating in a reunion mega‘s “Rest in peace” Lined up.

Friedman have met with Mostin Then the guitarist David Elleson in 2015 NAMM show in Anaheim, California to discuss a reunion, which he and the drummer were to witness Nick Menza back into the mix.

Friedman He opened up about his reasons for refusing mega reunion in Mostinlatest book, “Rust in Peace: The Inside Story of Megadeth’s Masterpiece”which details the making of the iconic drum “Rest in peace”.

“The main thing for me is that I will be happy to do it, but I will not take less money than I already make to do it,” Marty He said in part.

“I have spent more than ten years in Japan practicing a profession with strong rewards. I have been earning money not only for myself but also for my management and my employees. My boss has been with me for fifteen years.

“Everything was sound and strong professionally, when suddenly the offer came mega Again, as long as I didn’t make less money, I was ready to go,” he said. But I certainly wouldn’t take a loss to join a band that, honestly, at that point, it didn’t seem like they had much to offer musically. Two of the band members had recently quit, and musically I hadn’t heard anything they’d done in a long time. I didn’t know how relevant it was in the field of music. That was not the case mega It was on people’s tongues, at least not in Japan. It got to the point where people stopped contacting me right away mega And they were talking about the things I did in Japan.”

to me FriedmanPart of the reason for his rejection mega The reunion is the fact that the group is very much seen as MostinSolo project, with members coming and going every couple of albums.

“If it were more like a band than one man, Dave Mustaine-Main man party, maybe I’ve been thinking about doing this for a little while longer,” Marty He said. But at the end of the day, mega change a lot Mostin Because that’s the way he designed it. I’ve never felt this kind of camaraderie, diamonds with four men, the BeatlesAnd KissAnd metallica. I felt like I was going to go out there and do a tour and that would be it Mostinbig success. If I were to do that, I certainly wouldn’t lose money doing it; I was doing great on my own in Japan.”

Mostin Tell loudwire it has been postponed FriedmanFinancial demands on the subject a “Rest in peace” A reunion was brought up.

Marty He has a really successful career in Japan where he earns a lot of money,” Dave He said. “And this is the part that I thought was a little weird, where he said he should pay all of his team while he’s gone instead of just himself.” ‘Cause I thought we’d pay you what you do for that. That’s switching horses in the middle of the river – no big deal unless you fall over. And then when we found out he wanted to sell his merchandise, this, this, this, this, this, then this wanted an insane amount of money and wanted to travel first class everywhere. I said to our management, “I can’t handle this.”

In a 2016 interview with Eddie Trunk PodcastAnd Mostin confirmed that mega They did not hold any rehearsal with him Friedman while trying to reunite “Rest in peace” Lined up.

Marty They sent out some emails saying, “Oh, man, you know, fans have this overrated importance ‘Rest in peace’ It goes beyond what it really is. And I was, like, “Huh?” Dave He said. So I didn’t know if that was a backhand in the face of the crowd or not, but he basically said if we were going to do anything, it had to be better than ‘Rest in peace’. And he sent me some links to some songs that he thought should be the direction we were going, and one of them was this J-Pop group with some Japanese girls singing, and I was, like, “Uh-uh. This isn’t going to work. More power to me.” [Marty for being into that stuff]. do what you want, Marty. He’s an amazing guitar player. But I won’t sing like a Japanese girl.”

Marty Friedman Tokaro, Junto a Megadeth El Proximo Feb 27 in Japan.

His Onos Mises, Cuando Adelantamus Super La …

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Hoy, Dave subió un video en Cameo comentando que recientemente había hablado con Marty Friedman y dando a entender que lo saludó by Año Nuevo. Esto indicaria ¿buenas noticias?

A finales de agosto de 2022, Mustaine afirmó que Friedman aceptó la invitación para tocar junto a Megadeth, la próxima vez que la banda esté de gira en Japón. suffix, los primeros dias de septiembre, la productora UDO, confirm dos conciertos de Megadeth en Japón (27 y 28 de febrero de 2023) y los boletos salieron a la venta, ese mes.

Recientemente, la página web oficial de Megadeth, Confirmó un tercer concierto en Tokio (Japón), para el 24 de febrero.

Lo curioso es que, Marty estará libre precisamente a finales de febrero de 2023, ya que, el 03 de marzo iniciará con su tour por Estados Unidos.

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