Windhorst says Matt Ichpia’s upcoming Suns takeover could smooth the waters

Poor play, injuries, a precarious ownership situation, and the trade deadline loom large around the Phoenix Suns.

They are sitting out of play at the moment at 21-24.

If there’s any place to find optimism, it doesn’t seem to be ESPN’s Brian Windhorst, who has written about the complex property situation. Suspended owner Robert Sarver, his temporary replacement Sam Garvin, and potential future owner Matt Eshpia have separate connections to the day-to-day operations of the franchise.

However, Windhorst sees a light at the end of the Suns tunnel.

“Robert Sarver has allowed (Eshpia) to come and meet with his people, and I think there are more meetings scheduled,” said an ESPN reporter. Arizona Sports Beckley and MarottaWednesday. “I wouldn’t be surprised if I see him at a Suns game soon. It only happens if they think the deal is going through.”

Windhorst said Echpia could formally take over, possibly as late as February.

Of course, this does not remove the present.

President of Basketball Operations and General Manager James Jones is sitting at this present just hoping to improve the basketball team before the February 9th trade deadline.

A decision must be made regarding Jay Crowder’s separation from the team. The forward has been on the trade block since preseason, and the Suns are patient with the representation.

How they make the move could hint at how Jones wants to operate in the 2023-24 season. Will the new owner agree to this decision?

“They have to decide if they’re going to be a salary cap team next summer,” Windhorst said, as the Suns are currently spending in the luxury tax this year. “They can go a couple of different ways. They can keep Chris Paul, they can extend Cam Johnson’s tenure and they can over-team. Or they can go from Chris Paul (partly secured), they can go from Cam Johnson and they can look for higher salary space. I don’t think that (Option 2) Possible, but let’s be honest, it’s a thing.

“So if you want to trade Jae Crowder, you have to think about whether you trade him for a guy who has years on his contract or you (The Suns) trade him for someone…or two players who end their contracts so (the Suns) still have flexibility. If we don’t We know our owner’s position on signing Cameron Johnson, on whether or not to keep Chris Paul in that contract, on spending that money… It’s a fundamental discussion about the future of it all.”

The current status of the team complicates this basic debate as well.

Devin Booker will be out at least until the end of this month due to a hip problem. Paul has a groin injury and in his 26 games played the worst shooting season of his career despite being reduced to a role.

Mikal Bridges and Deandre Ayton were both hot and cold facing more with the two Suns stars on the sidelines.

“In the grand scheme of the last decade of being a Suns fan, I still think you’re in a good place,” said Windhorst, referring to a long-term poker deal. Phoenix is ​​an attractive destination and has two high-caliber wingers, as well as a starting center.

In other words, things could be worse. And they will probably improve in the coming months with the continued possibility of a Crowder trade, a healthy return and a resolution of the ownership situation.

“I’m optimistic about Matt Ishpea as owner,” said Windhorst. “I think he’s been preparing for a long time. I think when you get a new owner there are inherent mistakes you’ll make. From what I understand, he’s done a lot of groundwork. … I have higher hopes for a new owner than I would have for the remaining team of Robert Sarver” .

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